Safe CO2 Midge traps

Not All Insects Are Biting, Blood Seeking Insects!

Many insects are actually good for the environment and should not be trapped (i.e., ladybirds, moths, butterflies, bees and other flower pollinating insects).

You need a device like the Midge Magnet that attracts only blood seeking insects in large numbers.

Independent research has proved that the following gadgets do not work:

The Key Element That Attracts Midges To You Is Your Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Only midge traps like the Midge Magnet that use CO2 as the primary attractant have been scientifically and independently proven to be effective against midges and other biting insects. Traps that rely entirely on other attractants such as sound, light and heat are ineffective compared to those that rely mainly on the use of CO2.

Not All CO2 Based Midge Traps Are Safe And/or Cost-Effective!

Be wary of open flame devices claiming to generate carbon dioxide (CO2). They generate dangerous carbon monoxide (CO).

Several competitive midge traps use very high pressure and expensive tanks to provide processed CO2. Such tanks do not have the types of safety features necessary for consumer products. These tanks and regulators must be transported properly to reduce the danger from heat or mishandling. They also are not readily available like the propane tanks that are used to run the Midge Magnet or your barbecue grill.

The costs of processed CO2 are 6 times the cost of catalytically converted CO2 from propane. The high operational costs of processed CO2 traps require you to switch them on and off for a few hours each evening, which will significantly reduce the traps catch rate.

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