How Midge Magnet machines work

How Midge Magnet works to attract midgesThe Midge Magnet units are designed for gardens, large open areas, estate lawns and commercials applications which need protection.

CO2 has been scientifically proven to be the primary compound that midges and other biting insects use to navigate to people. The Midge Magnet mimics a large mammal by catalytically converting propane to CO2.

The Midge Magnet is placed near the midges resting and breeding spots, trapping them at source and interrupting the breeding cycle by only attracting the female, egg laying, biting midge.

It is also effective against other biting insects such as birch flies but will not attract or harm beneficial insects such as Butterflies, Bees or Moths.

The Location Of Your System

We recommend that you place the system as shown, where the insects rest and breed i.e. in the foliage and beside water rather than amongst people. When placed properly the system will entice the midges to it and away from you.

Within 4-6 weeks the reproductive cycles of your biting insect population are disrupted. No eggs. No insects.

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